Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Off The Menu


Did you know that you can create your own beverage? ...Or order an Arnold Palmer, or Mocha Biscotti Crunch Frappe? Well guess what, you can!

Here at the shop, we've got a bunch of 'Off the Menu Drinks.' Plus, a lot of flavors to choose from to create your own Signature Beverage. For example, why not try and Iced Mexican Mocha Latte? (Ghirardelli chocolate combined w/ Monin Cinnamon, both mixed together w/ our Fair-Trade Organic Espresso Classico, milk & ice. See pic below.) Mmm... it's delicious and sweet, w/ just a hint of spice.

Iced Mexican Mocha

Not a fan? OK, no problem. With our selection of 15+ flavors, you won't have to drink the same beverage twice, unless you want to of course. (Other fun flavor combo's include: banana-coconut, mocha-caramel, vanilla-hazelnut, etc.)

Curious about our 'Off the Menu Drinks', well here are a few *New* ones we've just introduced... (You'll see them all written on our white board in/outside the shop.)

The Arnold Palmer
50% Lemonade + 50% Sweet Iced Tea = 100% DELICIOUS!
12oz. Mocha Biscotti Crunch Frappe
Biscotti combined w/ mocha & espresso is a real sweet treat!
Raspberry Italian Soda
Also available in Pineapple-Coconut or Peach

Mmm... Now doesn't that make you thirsty? Stop in & try one out today. See YOU soon! =)


Sixty-Six Beans

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