Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Always Something New...


If you've been in lately, you've probably noticed a new arrangement. We did this to create a better flow for our space and to make things less cluttered and less confusing for YOU. (Thanks to some helpful tips from a few loyal customers.)

We've also packaged our Tea Bags and Coffee Beans a bit differently. By using glass jars we're saving paper and waste, while also providing you w/ a FREE reusable container. KEEP IT and bring it back in for us to refill w/ freshly roasted coffee or a dozen tea bags.

In addition to those minor aesthetic and merchandise changes, we've YET AGAIN added a few delicious and NEW drinks to our menu. (For a LIMITED TIME, of course. That's what makes them special, and oh so desirable.)

Banana Coconut Java Chip Frappe $4.95
Frozen Hot Cocoa $3.85
Mango Smoothie $4.95
Italian Sodas (Raspberry pic'd) $1.75
Same-day Refill $1.00 ALL DAY

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