Sunday, January 16, 2011

Now Walk It Out

Well, the nail-biting continues. We've read the unfortunate "We're sorry to inform you . . ." blurb two times now. However, we're still hopeful. From the beginning Sommer has always said that she wanted to open this coffee lounge debt free. (What a concept to have in times like these!) That would mean no banks and no loans—being that that's debt. At this point we are waiting to hear back from a bank, within walking distance from our location, where we've already set up a checking account. If we had to pick any of the banks to get a loan from it would be them. They have been the most excited about our place and even set out our brochures letting the community know about our plans and our need. What an encouragement!

However, while we wait we must continue to move forward. God has placed this desire in our hearts and the Bible tells us that sometimes we must step out in faith, even when we can't quite see the finish line. Last night, after I prayed for guidance in this journey, I read a great excerpt from my devotional. It said, "He knows the answers you are waiting for, which ones you need answered immediately, and how he will provide. Will you be bold and move forward, despite how overwhelming the task seems?" The Bible verse for that entry came from Genesis 24:45. When Abraham's servant was sent to find a wife for his son Isaac, the servant prayed that God would lead him to the right woman. That verse in Genesis says that before he had finished praying he saw his answer, Rebekah, Isaac's future wife. While my prayer didn't lead me to the exact answer I was looking for, it did lead me to the perfect devotional to encourage me to continue boldly moving forward. 

I ask that you pray for us, and if you feel led, ask God how you can help us as we "walk it out."


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