Monday, August 17, 2009

We Have A Dream

Well it all started a long, long time ago in a tropical paradise called Hawaii... No really that is exactly where we were when my sister, Sommer, and I started dreaming up our coffee shop. We were on one of our day excursions with the rest of the family all packed in a mini van. Tired of getting in and out of the vehicle, we just started chatting. While talking about all the different things we'd like to do in life we somehow both came to the same conclusion, coffee.

You see, there's not much to do for young people where we live except party. Being I'm a young person and I'd rather do something else with my time, and Sommer has a heart for young people, we decided why not start a Christian coffee lounge? It'd be a place for young people to hang out, study, express their talents (w/ small concerts, poetry readings, skits, displayed artwork, etc.) and, of course, drink coffee! The atmosphere would be positive and uplifting, but without all the chessyness people often associate with the Christian faith. We want it to be raw and real. I would love a place like that to hang out in with friends and wish we had one now, but unfortunately we don't. Therefore, instead of sitting around and saying, "Man too bad there's nowhere around to go and just chill," Sommer & I have decided we're going to make it happen!

We've been letting these ideas simmer since September 2006 and we think it's about time we get serious before time passes us by. I decided to start this blog to let everyone know what we're up to, the ideas we have, how we're progressing and finally when we have our grand opening. We want people to get excited and support us through prayers, advice, and if willing, an investment in a great cause for Jesus.

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