Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Lil' Greener Everyday


Hello all! We're almost into our third month of the New Year, and if you haven't already noticed, we've added some new things to our menu and lounge. In hopes of becoming more "Green," we're making use of the resources we already have on hand. Below are lists of what we're doing to...

...Minimize our "waste":
1) Re-using plastic bags from stores we've visited as To Go bags for you and your bulk purchases.
2) Sanitizing, recycling and reloading your redeemed Sixty-Six Beans gift card(s), and using them for new gift cards/Loyalty Cards.
3) Utilizing  Facebook  as a way to share "deals" and discounts. (Instead of creating paper punch cards that often get lost, and end up cluttering the ground.)
4) If you'd like to participate: Save your retail coffee bags for the next time you want to purchase some of our fresh beans for your home. Then, we'll refill your bag(s) w/ freshly ground coffee. (This will save from the paper waste of purchasing a new bag.)

...Create a "Green-er" (healthier) menu:
1) Powerhouse Green Drink: Filled w/ 13 different fruits and vegetables.
2) Avocado, Hummus and Cucumber Bagel Sandwiches. (Also available on Wheatberry or White Bread.)
2) Continuing to sell our yummy Vegan cookies, from Alternative Baking Co.

We hope you appreciate our efforts to become the best and most efficient coffee lounge we can, and continue to support us by spreading the word about Fair-Trade, Organic coffee in Charlotte Hall, MD!

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