Monday, January 2, 2012

Chai This!


Our Chai scored 88 out of 100.
Did you know that...
you can get more than just fair-trade organic coffee at Sixty-Six Beans? That's right! Besides lunch and pastry items, we serve
awesome tea! Six of the ten varieties we offer are organic, and all of them are delicious. Our Chai Spice even won second place in a national competition! In the future, we'd like to host a Tea Night and let everyone sample the various teas we serve. For those of you who are interested, we are beginning to expand our chai menu and we've posted some detail information about all our wonderful teas below. All of this information came straight from our supplier MEM Tea Imports.


Black & Black Flavored 
English Breakfast
Ceylon Orange Pekoe (Premium)

This prized high-grown black tea is well-balanced yet exotic with bright fruit flavors, an apricot aroma and hints of rose and dark chocolate.


Earl Grey (Organic)
A premium gold-tipped whole leaf organic black tea artfully flavored with high quality bergamot oil (from the citrus family). This earl grey is soft, smooth and fragrant.


Mark’s Chai
MEM Tea's own recipe for the traditional Indian heavy bodied black tea with an exotic spice mix, including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.


Yerba Mate

Lemon Mate
Refreshing blend of Yerba Mate and organic Lemon Grass. The result is a delicate balance of citral aroma and Amazon vegetation.


Green & Green/Flavored

China Green (Jade, Organic)
This delicious everyday organic green tea with long twisted leaves yields a buttery liquor with a variety of vegetal flavors and a subtle sweet finish.

Moroccan Mint (Organic)
Organic China Gunpowder rolled green tea with a balanced addition of high quality organic Peppermint. It is an aromatic, rich and refreshing tea that takes sugar well.


Chamomile (Organic)
A light, relaxing and soothing herbal tea made from premium quality sweet chamomile flowers and boasts an apple-like aroma.


Crimson Berry
This herbal tea is a lively harmony of hibiscus, elderberries, grapes, currants and rooibos, creating a fruity tea with a deep red color.

Rooibos (Decorated)
This organic red bush herbal tea is blended with blue cornflowers, orange peel and vanilla for a flavor that is smooth and citrusy sweet.


Iced Tea

Ceylon OP
A balanced and bright black tea from Sri Lanka with a fruity apricot flavor; good with or without milk.CAFFEINATED.

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