Tuesday, November 22, 2011



HAPPY ALMOST THANKSGIVING! We hope this blog finds you all happy and healthy. My how time flies! It's been a lil' over three months since we opened our doors. What once started as a dream over five years ago has turned into a reality. We couldn't be more thrilled to be serving those in the St. Mary's Co area w/ some of the best fairly traded organic coffee this world has to offer. 

Being that it's "that time of year" to reminisce on what we're thankful for, lets give it up to our roasters at Square One. Boy have they been busy! Jess--one half of the team--just recently visited Kenya to bring back some new ideas and great coffee beans. She even had the opportunity to help out an orphanage there. How awesome is that?! We are so grateful to be a part of their team, and an extension of their brand. We couldn't have picked out a better pair of roasters if we tried.

Here are a few pictures from her journey:
Coffee cherries
Jess and one of the farmers, Richard Kimondo.

"Centre of Excellence" is right! Step #1: Sorting

Step #2: Weighing

Step #3: Pulping (cherry is removed) Step #4: Sorting

Step #5: Wash process

Step #6: Drying

As the great MC Hammer once rapped, "You can't touch this."

The End. Yaaaye!

To see more pics from her trip, CLICK HERE

We hope your week is winding down quite nicely, and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you haven't left town just yet, stop by and pay us a visit. Let us serve you a great Cup 'O Joe and bowl of soup on this chilly Fall day.


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